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In March 2004 Pedro Bodnariuk and Gabriel Montani build up Bahitek S.A. to carry out technical consulting activities in the areas of Water and Effluent Treatment, Environment, Safety, and Risk.

Following the sustained growth of the services required by Bahía Blanca Petrochemical Complex and other industrial areas of the country in January 2006 they change the nature of the company and set up Bahitek S.R.L. including a new partner: Roberto Echarte, adding thus Process Engineering to the services already rendered.

Bahitek S.R.L. is a company settled in Bahía Blanca (Argentina) created to render engineering consulting services.

It has an interdisciplinary team of professionals capable of approaching different spheres related to process engineering and the environment in a comprehensive manner.

The purpose of our company is to carry on the continuous improvement plan started in the previous stage, offering professional responsibility, flexibility and dynamism with a strong will to promptly adapt to the real needs of our clients.

Bahitek prioritizes one-on-one service for company clients. The person in charge of a certain project is the one who directly caters for every aspect related to it.

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