Process Engineering



What is process engineering?

It is a branch of engineering with sufficient knowledge of science and technology to be applied in the design, simulation, optimization, innovation, logistics, and management or productive processes based on the study of physical-chemistry, bio-technology, and business ethics promoting the protection of the environment and industrial safety.

¿What does a Process Engineer do?

A process engineer, as a result of a systematic approach and his/her knowledge of management, can operate industrial processes and has the capacity to introduce modifications to achieve higher efficiency, quality, productivity, and profitability. On the other hand, the innovative attitude enables him/her to develop new products, processes, and equipment, always careful to avoid the generation of negative impacts on the environment.

What are the activities of a Process Engineering Department?

  • Design and implement environmentally sustainable, technologically and economically feasible, and socially responsible physical-chemical and biotechnological processes.
  • Mathematically model and simulate physical-chemical and biotechnological processes.
  • Develop new competitive products.
  • Optimize existent processes for the rational use of resources: energy, materials, technology, human talent, and economic and intellectual capital.
  • Operate and administrate processes safely, effectively, qualitatively, and with continuous improvement.
  • Administer the organization's knowledge, systematically coordinating the different resources and areas of the company.
  • Suggest and take part in research and development projects of innovative processes and products leading to new developments and the creation of new companies.
  • Assess industrial projects from a technical, environmental, and technological point of view.
  • Apply information technology tools specific for the improvement of engineering and administrative performance.
  • Strengthen business management with his/her knowledge on technological processes.
  • Manage technology according to the company's strategies.

Which is the product of Process Engineering?

Generate the basic engineering which consists of the issue of documents that are essential to every process, which in turn will serve as a base for other engineering disciplines such as: Electrical and civil engineering, architecture, instrumentation and control, boiler work, mechanical engineering, etc. Main documents:

  • Material and energy balance.
  • Piping and Instrument drawings - P&ID
  • Specification and design of main equipment (piping, pumps, compressors, vessels, columns, process furnaces, cooling towers, heat exchangers, instrumentation, etc.)
  • Determination and quantification of utilities. Compressed air, steam and condensate, electricity, cooling and boiler water, natural gas and fuel, etc.
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